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How To Reduce The Dangers Of Prolonged Sitting


Sitting for eight hours a day might seem regular to many working South Africans however it can increase your danger of diabetes, some cancers and death.

However a ground-breaking new research study found that a person hour of day-to-day exercise can entirely remove the health risks of long term sitting.

Published in the The Lancet medical journal on Wednesday night [23:30], the research study used data from over a million people, analysing the effect physical activity might have on the recognized health risks of contemporary sedentary lifestyles.


Individuals who worked out for 60 to 75 minutes a day, for example cycling or strolling quickly, had a much lower threat of passing away early than those who were non-active– despite both groups sitting for 8 or more hours daily.

The World Health Organisation suggests that adults exercise at least 150 minutes a week— 270 minutes less than exactly what this research found to be beneficial.

The scientists are “worried” that only a quarter of those included in the study were physically active for an hour or more every day.

The scientists also found that sitting while seeing television was much more harmful to one’s health than basic sitting. But this could be explained by the presumption that people who see lots of hours of television in a day lead an usually more unhealthy lifestyle and are less most likely to exercise.