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Cancer: Thousands Surviving In UK Decades After Diagnosis


Helen Taskiran informed BBC News she struggled with depression as a result of surviving cancer, and has even lost out on job chances because of it.
She was first identified in 1991 with bowel cancer, which she survived, however since then has been diagnosed with four other cancers, consisting of breast, skin and womb.

“They have actually left me with inflamed arms and legs, exhaustion, sometimes depression, [making me] dubious about opting for other tasks,” stated Helen, whose kid was just three years old when she was first diagnosed.

“Your self-esteem goes down, you’re wondering whether people will judge you.”

“I’ve had job interviews where people have turned me down because I’ve had cancer – so that all adds to the depression. I’ve been offered jobs and then when I’ve filled in medical forms all of a sudden the job has disappeared before it’s even started,” she included.

An overall of 625,000 people in the UK are presently experiencing depression after cancer treatment, Macmillan Cancer Support stated.